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Merayakan Murni Archival Catalog


Crafted by the talented Gamaliel W. Budiharga of Kotasis Kamar Design, this publication was meticulously created for the Merayakan Murni Exhibition by Ketemu Project in 2016.

Comprising three distinct sections, each thoughtfully curated to enhance your exploration:

Section A: 32 pages (texts in English)

Section B: 44 pages (texts in English)

Section C: translation of Section A & B in Indonesian

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Step into the captivating world of Murni with our exclusive exhibition archival catalog. Explore the profound impact of this Balinese woman artist as local and international artists gather to spark conversations on gender, society, and art.

Unveiling a curated collection featuring Murni’s iconic works alongside pieces from 15 esteemed artists, including Citra Sasmita and Marieke Warmelink, this catalog breathes new life into their shared narrative.

Join us on a journey of rediscovery as these visionary artists reshape Murni’s legacy, igniting discussions that resonate with contemporary issues and societal nuances. Celebrate Murni’s enduring spirit and legacy of thought-provoking artistry with ‘Merayakan Murni: An Exhibition Archival Catalog’

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