Ketemu Project | Mary Bernadette Lee
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Mary Bernadette Lee

Artist, Singapore

Residency dates: 6 August – 8 August 2018

Mary Bernadette Lee (Mrydette) is based as an artist in Singapore. Her practice is a phenomenological approach to understanding the relationship between exterior topography of body, architecture and place, and the interior tapestry of psychological states. This relational dialectics between the physiological and the psychological is expressed through her paintings that foreground the architecture of her as a person and an artist.

Her work thrives on spontaneity of individual autonomy in art making. She works mainly with traditional mediums such as graphite, acrylic, ink and clay. She believes Art should be accessible and as such, uses Art as a medium to work with children and the underprivileged to encourage expression and creation.

Mary graduated from the National University of Singapore with a BA in English Literature and Communications & New Media in 2006. She also graduated from Nanyang Technological University School of Art, Design and Media in 2014 with a BFA (Hons) in Visual Communication.


Mary Bernadette Lee

Born 1985, Singapore

  •  Happenstance

Happenstance is a visual playground spawned of rollicking good times and the bold prismatic play of watercolor, ink and childlike imagination. It was a wonderful opportunity to have fun and be spontaneous in creating fantastical variegated creatures

  • Girl Gang

This isn’t feminism. It’s about femininity and sexuality, an empowering example of the female autonomy to express.

Untitled was part of Girl Gang, an all-girl show at Artistry.

  • Power to the People

Revolution is the perpetual process embedded in the human spirit: social power starts with an individual and the society changes as a consequence. The seed of revolution is repression and revolution is the festival of the oppressed. It celebrates the uprisings of the exploited by the exploiters.

Based on the song “Another Brick in the Wall” by Pink Floyd, Power To The People is a declaration against cognitive and sentient control, a mutiny against governed homogeneity and a protestation of the freedom of expression.

Power to the People was part of F(ART), an all-female feature at P.V.S shoes in Cineleisure