Anonymous Ancestors


It’s time to play! Dewi and Samantha of the Ketemu team spent three days hanging out with the kids participating the project “Danau Imajinasi Kami | Our Lake of Imagination“. We have always wondered what the kids are like outside school and it is no surprise that when they step out of their uniform, we get to see a different side of them.

Our first excursion with the children is an all girl’s day out! Dewi and Sam were thrilled! We were first introduced to E, who happened to be the daughter of the leader of Waka2. E brought us to A who is one of her best friends and whose house is the nearest to her’s. Dewi and I were lead by the both of them down the busiest road in the village of Songan to meet and gather more of their friends.

We were joined by K whose daily task at home was to feed the family’s pigs. She had a total of twelve pigs and K was so excited to bring us to visit them.