Anonymous Ancestors


Creating the animation for the zoetrope is probably the most fun part of this project! The kids look really cool, calm and serious in these photographs, but the entire process was like a huge carnival. While waiting for their turn to get their face painted, the other kids were running around and teasing their friends.

Kabul created a simple animation depicting the cycle of the lake and the seasons that come and go in Bali. The balance of nature lies in the creation and destruction of it’s elements and. Kabul, by painting this cycle with the participation of the children make them consider their action on their environment. We also think about how this balance is being taken care of by the adults, for the future generations. What are the values that we will like to inculcate in the young to view environmental issues? This, we gathered, can only be considered from community to community, looking at their needs, livelihood and relationship with their environment. In the case of Songan in Kintamani, we focus on bringing these issues to the children who are born to farming families and whose playground is the magnificent lake.