Anonymous Ancestors


We have found the man who is going to be the behind creating the structure for our Torch Up installation! Gepeng, was a school mate of Kabul’s when they were studying at the Institute of the Arts (ISI) in Yogyakarta. The Balinese student community in Yogyakarta are very close to one another. Now Gepeng, back in Bali after graduating from university in Yogyakarta has set up his very own sculpture establishment called LOUD. You can’t miss his shop front a long Mas in Ubud. Just like it’s name, the wall of the store is screaming red and in front of it is amazing sculptural work’s of Gepeng’s created from re-purposed bicycle parts.

He’s one person who has an extensive knowledge on gears, especially after working with so many bicycle. He’s the perfect person to collaborate for our installation.