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“Play Mandala” or “Main Mandala” (Bahasa Indonesia) is a workshop co-designed by Alecia Neo, Filippo Fabricca of Love Difference & the Ketemu Team.

For this particular workshop sessions, the participants were grade 5 students from an SD 3 Songan, an elementary level school in Kintamani. The students first explored an individual expression by decorating their bamboo baskets. After, they experience co-creating with their peers by bringing all their baskets together to create a mandala. Students learned how beauty is created on an individual level and how it can be negotiated in a group.

The bamboo basket is a material commonly found in Kintamani as the region is known for the production of sturdy bamboo baskets. The materials for decorating the baskets are easily found in the children’s environment and are biodegradable.

Special thanks to Anak Alam for coordinating the workshop with the school.
Participant profile:
All ages
Key Materials:
Bamboo baskets (keranjang)
Used newspapers
Banana stem fibres