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Artisan Earrings – Kunyit A


“…fish wrapped in banana leaves…”

                          “…herbal drink turmeric and tamarind…”

what is your story?


Introducing Cerita – Kunyit A, Inspired by Indonesian Local Spices, “Turmeric” is the spice that becomes common in our natural life. 

These captivating jewelry pieces are works of outstanding craftsmanship.
The process from Suendra’s sketch is translated into a game of layers colors and lines, which is then developed using an experimental Nerokami technique.

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CERITA is a creative collaboration process to revive Indonesian traditions into a contemporary breath. Taking inspiration from Indonesia’s nature and the diversity of its traditions, CERITA positions itself as the “spice of life” that connects stories of the past, present, and future.

Cerita KAMASAN is the result of a collaboration between I Ketut Suendra, a differently-abled artist Kamasan, multidisciplinary designer Venty Vergianti, and Puri Ardini (Alun Biru Studio) ceramics through the Gerakan Kreabilitas, a program from Ketemu Project supported by British Council: Developing Inclusive Creative Economy (DICE).