Gerakan Kreabilitas

Gerakan Kreabilitas is a collaborative movement that will be addressing the unemployment and poor-quality of employment opportunities for people with disabilities in Indonesia.

Working together with The Arts Development Company (ADC) as an employee-led social enterprise based in Dorset – UK, we will raise awareness, stimulate discussion, effect a change in perceptions, and prove the value of people with disabilities in the economy.

The project has been awarded British Council’s Developing Inclusive Economy (DICE) Programme Grant, running from March 2019 to March 2020.

Under the same project name, Ketemu will broaden the focus of this pilot to three other ASEAN countries with the support of the YSEALI Seeds for the Future Grant, running from February to October 2019.

Partisipan lokakarya Gerakan Kreabilitas

In Indonesia

  • Residential design thinking for 30 Creative Enterprises/Individuals
  • Creative incubation & mentorship for 5 chosen projects, products or services
  • Products and services development
  • Toolkit about inclusivity in art and creative collaborations. The toolkit can be accessed here.

In the UK

  • Business Skills Workshops by for disabled creatives by Culture+ Programme
  • Creative incubation and mentoring developing services/products alongside the Indonesian delegates
  • We will be producing toolkits & resources from our experiences that we hope will help others working on similar projects.
Budiarta, seniman dari Yayasan Cahaya Mutiara Ubud, sedang memegang sebuah pin hasil kolaborasi seniman Andre Williams dengan IntoArt, yaitu wirausaha sosial berbasis di Inggris
Karya Kabul dan Loster di pameran Now Is A Good Time


Supported by funding from YSEALI (Young Southeast Asian Leaders Initiatives) Ketemu will choose 1 pair of disabled and non-disabled artist from each respective countries to develop their partnership and co-create artworks.

Each pair will be supported by curators and online session mentorship to develop a robust model for disability-friendly partnership within creative enterprises and create an inclusive creative economy.

The outcome from this project will be focus on artworks, destination coloring kit responding to their artwork and online platform mapping arts and disability in South East Asia.