Anonymous Ancestors


Now Is A Good Time is an exhibition of artworks that are developed from a four-month collaboration between differently-abled artists.

In being themed on observations about society, family and the self, the artworks reveal the artists’ varied personal relationships with physical and mental disabilities.

Through the exhibition, the many roles of an artist as a facilitator, researcher and developer become evident, putting into question the purpose of art in society.

Whether art provides reasons for collaboration amongst people of different abilities or offers solutions for inclusivity, this exhibition of art invites the audience to partake in the conversation.

Acknowledging that we have a long way to go still, the exhibition invites you to consider that there is no better time than the present.

Mary Bernadette Lee approaches disability by analysing the support systems offered by family and one’s own consciousness in her mixed-media installation with Tamimi Pohan.

Artists Budi Agung Kuswara (Kabul) and Loster, along with Sliz and Kelvin analyse the function of society and its clout over individual ability.

For koloWn, time serves as a catalyst for ideas for the future as they present an open-source tech prototype for accessibility inspired by his collaboration with Deaf students from San Remigio Central Elementary School.