Anonymous Ancestors


On Day 2, participants experienced Paint A Pot, factory tour, and Play with Clay sponsored by Jenggala Ceramics Bali.

After the activities at Jenggala, the participants entered the session of Ella Ritchie’s (Director & Co-Founder, Intoart UK) “They are Artists” who presented that at Intoart, the artists with disabilities were called “artists” and dropped the label of disabled to open the equal opportunity and market.

Business Model session by Ketemu Project’s partner The Arts Development Company (ADC) then encouraged them to think about the market that their products and services are targeted at, analyze the market’s behaviour, and observe the potency of collaboration with fellow participants.
A session “Art Has Saved My Life” by Hana Madness (Visual Artist & Mental Health Activist) and Budi Agung Kuswara “Kabul” (Artist & Founder, Ketemu Project) delivered their journey dealing with mental health issues in society: Hana as a person with Bipolar and Kabul as an artist working with persons living with schizophrenia.