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We wrap the last day of Ayo Ketemu! with panel discussion “Painting the Future of Creative Economies” by panellists Paul Smith (Director, British Council Indonesia), Yap Mun Ching (Executive Director, AirAsia Foundation), Slamet Thohari (Lecturer, Researcher & Co-Founder CDSS, Universitas Brawijaya), Aloysius Baskoro Junianto (Expert & Curator, Indonesian Agency for Creative Ekonomi), moderated by Samantha Tio (Director & Co-Founder, Ketemu Project).

The panel discussed about the future of inclusive arts and creative economy for persons with disabilities, both physically and mentally, in Indonesia. Ida Ayu Selly Fajarini Mantra, Head of Coordinator of Social Welfare Activities (K3S) Denpasar, expressed her appreciation for Gerakan Kreabilitas and motivated the participants to keep being creative and optimistic towards their future in the creative economy industry in Indonesia.