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The main event of the workshop was Pasar Ketemu, a pitching session conducted as a market. There was a space for each creative enterprise to present their products to the judges. This session was also open for public to vote for their favorite creative enterprises. The judges selected 5 creative enterprises to receive IDR24 million worth of seed funding, 6 months incubation & mentorship, and marketing support for their new creations by Ketemu Project and The Arts Development Company.

“Lorku” by Vindy Ariella (Jakarta) & Khomsin (Solo)

Lorku provides a series of products and kits to improve mental wellbeing, helping you track and better understand your feelings. The products are specially designed with a psychiatric approach, in which we involved psychiatrists, psychologists, and mental health survivors in the process.

“We are so delighted and this is unexpected for us. We hope that our product can grow in the global market and be useful for many people. Thank you, Gerakan Kreabilitas Ketemu Project!”

Perky Koma

“Perky Koma” by Patricia Thebez (Jakarta) & Devi Soewono (Bali)

The purpose is to create collections of products to support mental health based on different moods. Each product is a response to each emotion. In a form of surprise wellness kit, we hope it will bring joy to the user to feel better.

“We are happy and grateful to be chosen as one of the selected creative enterprises. We hope that we’ll get a lot of insights and new experiences to contribute in Indonesian economy by creating social impact creatively. Also, we hope our work will help a lot of people everywhere.”


“Kuatilitas” by Zakka Ghiffani (Jogja) & Kadek Winda (Bali)

“Kuatilitas” is a combination of the words “kuat” (strong) and “abilitas” (ability). In this collaboration, Zakka and Winda would like to make a comic which tells the story of three heroes with disabilities. Through comic and paper merchandises, they want to raise positive awareness about disability issues. They hope this product could give inspiration and minimize the stigma around persons with disabilities.

“We are proud to be one of the selected 5 creative enterprises. We have gained much knowledge, as well as an exciting collaboration together. We hope that this kind of program can be held continuously and also gives benefits to many people.”

“Iskandar Collective” by Dondik Robini (Lumajang) & Wulang Sunu (Jogja)

Dondik and Wulang are two creatives that work with a difable artist from Lumajang, Pak Iskandar. They both respond to Pak Iskandar’s artworks, then transform those into fashion products which target the youths.

“To be one of the 5 selected creative enterprises is a new and exciting challenge because we will see new chances and methods of work. We hope that this collaboration can be a good initiative to gain perspectives in creating inclusive ecosystem and being a “full” human.”

Handmade Cutlery

A Handmade Cutlery Traveling Kits, by Yasminida, I Wayan Suta, I Nyoman Budiarta (Bali), Siti Maidina (Jambi), and Lalu Wisnu (Mataram)

This kit contains one set of dining utensils made from organic bamboo from Jatiluwih Village in Bali. The set will be packaged in a fabric that the pattern is inspired by Balinese paintings and batik. This dining set is as one of the efforts to minimize the using of plastics, made responsibly and contented.

“Gerakan Kreabilitas could be a media to bring together diverse arts and cultures from across Indonesia, and could be appreciated and enjoyed by people around the world. Thank you for giving this opportunity to us.”