Journal for disabled creatives

A journal for disabled creatives that could help them to monitor their creative process.

Some tips for disabled creatives

Some tips for disabled creatives on how to collaborate with other artists or organisations. Based on our learnings.

How to collaborate with other artists or organisations

Some tips for disabled creatives who wants to collaborate with other artists or organisations.

The benefits of collaboration with professional art organizations or artists

The reasons why disabled creatives also needs to collaborate with professional artists or art organisations.

Accessible Exhibition Tour – Interview with Disability Communities

We talked to our friends in Deaf and visual impairment community about the importance of going to an art exhibition.

Inclusive Art Exhibition

Things that need to be considered when we would like to make an art exhibition that accessible for all.

Inclusive Working Environment

How to make our space inclusive and enables people to have equal rights to participate confidently in all activities.

Inclusive Communications

Ways to present our messages and promoting our event inclusively so it can be delivered to wider audiences.

An Inclusive Community of Young People – An Interview with Dondik Robini

Dondik Robini, designer and founder of Mawea in Lumajang, talking about his experiences and motivation for working with disabled people.

How to Plan Inclusive Creative Programmes

A quick guide or checklist of things you need to consider in planning inclusive creative programmes.

A Collaboration between Mental Health Hospital and Art – An Interview with Khomsin

Artist, Khomsin speaks about how he collaborate with people with long term mental condition.

Why do we need to collaborate with disabled people?

Find out the reasons of why we should focus on people’s work and potential instead of their disability.

How to interact with disabled people

Some things we learnt from speaking to our disabled friends about how to comfortably interact with them.

Why do we need to embrace people with disability?

Many people still think that disabled people are limited by their ‘different’ mental and physical being, the truth is much more complicated than that.

Toolkit: Inklusivitas Kolaborasi Seni Kreatif- PDF

Inclusive Artistic Collaboration in Indonesian Only -PDF format


Here are some of disability organizations and creative organizations who work with people with disability, in Indonesia.