Winda Karunitha X Mawarini

Indonesian artist Winda Karunadhita collaborated on a Peer to Peer with Australian artist Mawarini. Winda and Mawarini exchange visual drawings, with the other responding in...

Pit Stop | Mari Mampir

Process, mark-making, rambling, and nonsequitur are the key themes that emerged during the collaboration between artists Karin Josephine and Christian Newby.

Le Visible et l’invisible (The Visible and The Invisible)

Le Visible et l’invisible (The Visible and The Invisible) brings together 10 artists from the UK and Indonesia, whose practice features superheroes and cartoon characters...


Curating Collections. Butong X The Roberts Institute of Art. Curating Collections commissions disabled artists to curate projects with artworks from an established international collection.

Peer / Peer
Chris Angel X Budi Agung Kuswara

In mid 2022, Chris Angell from the Barrington Farm centre in the UK collaborated with contemporary artist Budi Agung Kuswara from Indonesia. Find out more...


A diverse group of international artists explore fandom and pop culture through the lens of fan-art, appropriation, subversion and cross-cultural exchange.

Art et al. X Ketemu Project

Open space for art practitioners from the disability community to interact with contemporary art practices equally.


Supporting communities by providing art materials and simple yet fun art activities at home.

Welcome to Bali

Feel and experience Balinese culture at wherever you are through this activity kit.