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Ketemu Project got an opportunity as a co-host of the “Bersua Program” in Bali, a program by Papermoon Puppet (Jogja) and Arriba Las Hu! Manos. Arriba Las Hu! Manos is a hand puppet theatre from Argentina. They were on their world tour, and Bali was one of the destinations. Their hand puppet show in Rumah Berdaya, with the title “A Button in My Head“ was held on Friday, February 2nd 2018.

We saw how happy and entertained the Rumah Berdaya members were during the show. They were fascinated and amused with the story of a boy who has a button on his head.

Besides, Arriba Las Hu! Manos visited and did a workshop with the students from Lentera Kasih School as well. On January 31st 2018, we accompanied him in that workshop, to teach the students how to make a hand puppet from cardboard, styrofoam balls, and clay. The students also learn about how to play a role with their hand puppet.