Anonymous Ancestors


This workshop was facilitated by a Jakarta-based fashion designer, Patricia Thebez. She invited our friends in Rumah Berdaya to play “snakes and ladders” game, a game that would remind us of our childhood. Through this game, we would like to encourage them to tell their stories, while going “up” and “down” the ladder and getting “bitten” by the snakes.

First, we divided them into groups with 3-4 members to play this game together. They compete on who will be the first to reach the finish. They happily play the game, sometimes they would cheer and laugh. We did not see any selfish or egoistic move during the game.

After the game finished, they designed their own snakes and ladder game. We give them freedom on anything that they want to draw, they could replace the “snakes” with other animals. With their incredible imagination, they drew dinosaurus, owls, lizards, and other kinds of unique animals to be included in the game. This activity was aimed to give them freedom to visualize their expression better. After that, Patricia would choose some of the drawings to be featured in the next Rumah Berdaya product merchandises.