Anonymous Ancestors


Another meGAE workshop session! “You Through My Eyes”, facilitated by Kabul, the artist and also the founder of Ketemu Project. Our ODS (people with schizophrenia) friends first gathered in a room, and then asked them to find a partner. After that, they sat facing each other, they drew the facial features of their partner. After drawing each other’s faces, they were asked to see their faces’ reflection in the mirror and drew it.

Through this workshop, we wanted them to recognize each other through art expression. What we wanted to achieve was they could interpret their own profile, and their friends as well. They make the descriptions through their scribble. Was their hair curly or short or long? Or were their eyebrows thick, they have long nose, or were there any beard or moles on their faces? Through detailed drawings of their faces, they could know themselves better.

The outputs of this workshop later will be used for the promotion of Rumah Berdaya merchandises. We won’t show their faces directly, to respect their privacy.