Anonymous Ancestors


“Dekonstruksi Hakiki (Absolute Deconstruction) presents the openness or new possibilities with everything outside the normal agreement”

The absoluteness of something is an agreement of a value application, and the different norm is in the dominant position. Starting from the deconstruction of normal perspective from people with Schizophrenia, this exhibition shows us a perception that disrupts the ultimate power of the absoluteness. “Dekonstruksi Hakiki” gives us other possibilities outside the norm agreement. Align with our spirit towards inclusive society.

The exhibition opening was held at the same time with Rumah Berdaya 3rd anniversary ceremony. This exhibition is curated by Savitri Sastrawan and officially opened by Ida Ayu Selly Fajarini Mantra, Head of Coordinator of Social Welfare Activities (K3S). You could download the artwork catalog here: